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yInSIp Package pat

yInSIp Package pat

yInSIp package pat Qap mIw: (flow chart tlha' legh) compressed jejlaw' tlhol pong compressor vaj purification pat yIteb amount oil 'ej bIQ teq, vaj, vaj psa yInSIp gen


zhejiang yuanda jejlaw' Separation luch co., Ltd wa' 'oH yor patlh jungwoq yInSIp package pat manufacturers, suppliers 'ej exporters, vaj yInSIp package pat targhHom veDDaq noch laSvargh seller 'ej je', nuqneH Hot tlhab maHvaD contact nab SoH.

yInSIp package pat
Qap mIw:
(legh tlha' flow chart). joH rop ram Qu'maj, mung je Qav yInSIp package jan rated tlhol jejlaw' compressed pong compressor vaj purification pat yIteb amount oil bIQ, 'ej teq ghIq vaj psa yInSIp lIngwI' pat voQSIp removal, vaj vaj yInSIp buffer tank yInSIp 'ej vaj pressurized pong yInSIp booster, cha' tlhegh wa' pa' vum ghajbogh package row, latlh lulIngmeH taH package Qap standby.
technical Features
+ DughajmoH pneumatic valves, yIn lo' puS 3 'uy' poH;
+ siemens PLC val ghun controller, ngeD 'ej ngaDmoH yo'SeH;
+ automatic SeH, ngaDmoH yIqaw, ngeD yo'SeH.
+ instant start & 'e' mev, nobmeH chaw'nIS bal, HoS toD mI' yISeH.
technical De'
+ yInSIp Output: 160nm3 ghap h
+ yInSIp tlhIv je SoHbogh: 93 vatlhvI'
+ yInSIp joH rop: 15.0mpa
+ dew lang: ≤-45℃

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