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psa voQSIp lIngwI'

psa voQSIp lIngwI'

kna psa voQSIp lIngwI' Specification 1) tlhIv: je SoHbogh 99.9 vatlhvI' 2) capacity: 1000nm3 ghap h 3) joH rop: 0.6mpa (1.0 ~ 15.0mpa je lupoQ) 4) dew lang: < 45 ~ 70 qechmeyDaj Huj


zhejiang yuanda jejlaw' Separation luch co., Ltd wa' 'oH yor patlh jungwoq psa voQSIp lIngwI' manufacturers, suppliers 'ej exporters, vaj psa voQSIp pat, psa voQSIp poch, psa voQSIp luch, je' nab SoH HablI' generate, voQSIp poch targhHom veDDaq noch laSvargh seller 'ej skid, nuqneH Hot tlhab maHvaD contact psa voQSIp.

kna psa voQSIp lIngwI'

1). tlhIv je SoHbogh: 99.9 vatlhvI'
2). capacity: 1000nm3 ghap h
3). joH rop: 0.6mpa (1.0 ~ 15.0mpa je lupoQ)
4). dew lang: < 45 ~ 70 qechmeyDaj Huj

technical Features
1). pneumatic valves, DughajmoH yIn lo' puS 3 'uy' poH;
2). controller ghun siemens PLC val, ngeD 'ej ngaDmoH yo'SeH;
3). airflow distribution chenmoH pImbe'DI'; specific inert ceramic QujmeH moQ diffusion cham adsorption efficiency adsorbent Dub;
4). self-raD cylinder compress jan (Patent ghobe': zl-200820168079.9) lo' QaD yIn carbon molecular sieve;
5.) original centrifugal vibration chaw'nIS (Patent ghobe': zl-200820168078.4) effectively 'aqroS muq chaw'nIS ensure.

chay' prompt quotation Suq

neH tlha' De', ngeH maHvaD 'ach yuQmeyDaq voQSIp lIngwI' proposal DuHIvDI' maH.

wej hesitate mail ngeH maHvaD.

1) n2 flow rate: ___nm3 ghap hr
2) n2 tlhIv je SoHbogh: ___ vatlhvI'
3) n2 discharge joH rop: ___bar
4) voltages Se' je: ___v ghap ph ghap hz
5) voQSIp Application.

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